The Day

Letra de la canción

The greatest thing you learn will be from yourself
the words you speak will come from no one else
all you believe is in your soul
all you see you can't control
you thought you knew what it meant
to live your life innocent
you listened when i had nothing to say
you listened cause i never had to pay
for my crimes, its my time, so i think i made up my mind
from now on its all gone but i will never seem to say
what i know, cause i feel i will always find a way.
always find a way
What i need to do is what i need to do
try and get myself back down to the ground
without a scratch, throw away the match
don't even stop walk to the top
but who we are is not what i see
we need a love to hold us high
up above the sky to feel the light
see what's right if one thing changed it was me
i just wanted to be free
and i'll always find a way
always find a way


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