Pale Forest

Letra de la canción

Nails scratching wooden surface
eyes red from tears like blood
torn hair in clenching fist
a guttural scream from
the mouth you kissed
It seems so far away now
just as if it has never been
seems much clearer somehow
an eye for a lie in every scene

I was so lucky on that day
atill i almost let it go
when you went away
what a lucky turn it was for me
Things must work out better
the second time around
cause this is beauty i have found
she's breathing in my ear now
what a sound
you are the dead leaves
falling to the ground
You mistreated me, never let me be
the lies you told to me
i was too blind to see you
when you were tightening the noose
to see you
you only wanted me to loose
i was so lonely lonely...
It seems so far away now


Pale Forest
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