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"here we go (here we go) come on (come on)" repeat 4x

Tonight you're going to party with the assigned ruler
Grab a girl and lounge back with a wine cooler
Champagne because getting girls is a man's game
You're not swift with the gift? now that's a damn shame
I get raw for you and yours bound to score
For sure i'm all that plus more
I'm not stopping here i got lots to share
I kick a party til i'm old in a rocking chair
Throw rhymes like ?slalucci?, kicking like bruce lee
I make g's off a pen and some looseleaf
I'm gone with the wind as soon as i begin
And if my girl act funny, i bag her friend
Cause i'm no joke when it comes to a rap tune
Stuff brothers kick i would have flushed in the bathroom
I get looser as a dope track producer
Girls got game but i doubt they could juice a
Brother that's stronger whenever i get on a
System, because i'm a top-notch performer
I mingle because i'm single, a brother with fly taste
After this party there's another one at my place
Finesse is here, party people be aware
Throw your hands in the are because there's a party over here

Is it a party over here? (there's a party over here!) (repeat 3x)
So where's the party at? (yo, the party's over here!)
Is it a party over here? (there's a party over here!) (repeat 3x)
So where's the party at? (yo, the party's over here!)

Now i rock parties and keep concerts pumping
Girls that's single, we can probably work something
Let me handle this, finesse is living scandalous
I got props from here to los angeles
Far from soup, i roll like a troop
I don't front, i told you girls by the group
So don't try to play me, i'm strictly for the ladies
(finesse, what's up? you looking good, baby)
We swing with this brother and don't just sit there
Come lounge at my crib (what's gonna happen when we get there?)
It's no scam, it's just a smooth slick plan
Meet me outside and have a friend for my man
So all you nad-looking girls that like me
We can swing this, let's do the right thing like spike lee
I'm the one you demand for, skills is enhanced more
You know this man's law, so slide on the dance floor
With the rap singer with the lyrics that linger
It won't hurt to clap your hands or snap your fingers
Wave your arms from side to side
Finesse is live, and this is my 9 to 5
And i don't need nobody to add help
Can i kick it? (go ahead with your bad self!)
I drop slang when i'm doing my thing
I can show and prove why others can't hang
One to a few, a crew or a gang
I'm ending shit off with a bang
I don't care how you dance, you can stand wherever
But when i rap just put your damn hands together
I flip the lids of adults and kids
So yo showbiz, take 'em to the bridge

"here we go (here we go), come on (come on)" - repeat 4x

Check out how we gonna do this again...

Is it a party over here? (there's a party over here!) (repeat 3x)
So where's the party at? (yo, the party's over here!)

It's a party over there and a party over there, too
Guys with their jewlery and the girls with their hairdoos
I'm agressive, one of the freshest
So who's the bestest? (lord finesse is!)
So come get with this and watch me flip this
Finesse is the man on the mic and i'm gonna rip shit
This isn't stuff that you find at a bargain play
So let's get it on just like marvin gaye
I keep the girls hounding the way i'm throwing down and
(finesse what you doing?) yeah baby, i'm just lounging
I'm larger than a gym that's packed to the rim
Give me the cash, the prop, the fame, and i'm in

Whether lounging or maxing, chilling or relaxing
It won't hurt to check me out in live action
Step in, watch mike smooth spin
For ladies and men doors open at 10:00
P.m., so push your benz or your bm
Finesse is live on the mic so come and see him
With the new flavor, that's why i'm gonna stay fly
It won't hurt to lounge and drop by and say hi
So too amazing whenever a trey i kick
Ballistics, science, and all that other flavor
I pump my rhymes like a barbell
Got more flavor than the neighborhood carvell's
I'm better than keith, i do more than make you sweat
Whenever i kick flavor on the tape cassette
I always come equipped
With "yes yes y'all" (here we go) and all that other shit
So don't stand, make some noise and cheer
Throw your hands in the air because there's a party over here

"here we go (here we go), come on (come on)" - repeat 4x

Aw yeah, we got it going on in the place, we gonna do this one last time, bust it

Is it a party over here? (there's a party over here!) (repeat 3x)
So where's the party at? (yo, the party's over here!)
Is it a party over here? (there's a party over here!) (repeat 3x)
So where's the party at? (yo, the party's over here!)

Aw yeah, we gonna end it like that, and i'm outta here

Lord Finesse


Lord Finesse

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