'Lucero' de Avalanch (Los poetas han muerto)




In front of me
Her hair flies as the wind blows
Like a cool breeze
I sense her silhouette as she goes
She walks right past me
As my passion grows

I hear her walk by
Almost driving my soul mad
A scream I hold inside
As a lump grows in my throat
Of all the things I could say
I make no sound

From the darkness it grows
Blinding me like a bright light
Reaching out for my love
Touching me on this cold night
She’ll never know how I feel
I’ll never know if she is for real
She’ll never hear my lament cry
That’s screaming deep inside of me

I dream of her face
Don’t know how to describe her
I’m leaving this place
Tonight will be my last call
To hear her tender voice
Just one more night

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