Patti Rothberg

Letra de la canción

The first time you appeared there as a shadow on the wall.
The second time I barely even saw you there at all.
And all the dreams and fantasies that put you to the test.
I take the faintest outline, and my heart fills in the rest.

Will I need you like the brand new morning sun
Or will I grow to hate you, like all the other ones?
What I think you are is all I see
And as long as you're a stranger
As long as you're a stranger
You'll stay perfect to me

Every night a lonely fight for something to be clear.
I turn the page of dreary days and that's when you appear.
So I build you up in little clay constructions in my head
And I like what I see.


I used to seek within the crowd a place for me to hide.
Or look in every eye and try to find myself inside.
But in all this confusion, I have finally seen the light.
I've never known a person like the you I know tonight.


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