Circus - Can´t Get You Off My Mind

Can´t Get You Off My Mind Letra

Lenny Kravitz


Can´t Get You Off My Mind (Letra/Lyrics)

Life is just a lonely highway
I’m out here on the open road
I’m old enough to see behind me
But young enough to feel my soul
I don’t wanna lose you baby
And I don’t wanna be alone
Don’t wanna live my days without you
But for now I’ll have to be without you

I’ve got a pocket full of money
And a pocket full of keys that have no bounds
But then I think of loving
And I just can’t get you off of my mind

Babe can’t you see
That this is killing me
I don’t want to push you baby
And I don’t want you to be told
It’s just that I can’t breathe without
I feel like I’m gonna lose control
What are the rules and reasons and the dos and don’ts
Tell me baby tell me baby
What do you feel inside

Datos de esta canción

CAN´T GET YOU OFF MY MIND es una canción de Lenny Kravitz que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Circus. Agradecemos a Krla por haber sudido la letra de Can´t Get You Off My Mind.