Philly's Most Wanted

Letra de la canción

(Mr. Man)
Yeah, Its what I like
Uh huh, yeah yeah
(Mr. Man)
Queue me dawg
Yeah, Most wanted baby
(Mr. Man)
See I'm a cop' Benz 'til they make edition S-1000 (And)
Buy the mall out while you niggas there browsing
In the latest six coupe, a 120,000
Score more proud, 'bout pile reclinin'
We gonna make changes listening to Phyllis Hyman
Cops want to search for guns and can't find 'em
They ask for my name, I tell 'em read it in diamonds
Mr. fuck hoes and put down the bricks
Advance my drink game for Mo' Don and Cris'
Bought whips in the order of 4, 5 and 6
Man I never been broke I kept money to count
Get it down in dice games, win money and bounce
A milli-on motherfuckers, it's how the word's pronounced
I keep my bank account, the banks amount
My niggas play freeze tag with big rocks that's costly
Bonic iceman and of course I'm all frosty

(Chorus: Boobonic)
Look here we Philly Celebrities, who? movie stars
Don't worry 'bout it nigga, you know who we are
You see my damn house, you see my damn car
Don't worry 'bout it nigga, you know who we are
We Philly Celebrities, who? movie stars
Don't worry 'bout it bitch, you know who we are
You see my damn chain, you see my damn car
Don't worry 'bout it bitch, you know who we are

Boo a clothesline nigga, I wear myself
I wish somebody spit hot
And I'm sick of hearing myself
I talk big shit, how I only fuck with big chicks
With big tits, big hips and all that slick shit
Yeah, I'm a drop out, drop six
Drop they gorgeous bitch, drop they shit soon as I hop out
Niggas ain't near me spittin' they game
And plenty ho's in tattoo parlors getting my name
Probably think I'm highed up, pot, spit and flip game
Snorted out my mind with six bitches like Rick James
want to marry me and all they know is my nickname
SLow up, you want me now cause I'ma blow up
Women I +Kast+ 'em +Out+ like \"Aquemini\"
And our roley got two faces like a Gemini
T-H-E-be\t-E-S-T that's me
If you better than this then lets see (come on)
We, crush, yeah uh huh
y'all niggas know from the doors we ain't playin' with y'all
He Mr. how much dough you trying to get
(Mr. Man)
A 1 with 9 O's nigga plenty of chips
A house so sick you need a shot just to get in
(Mr. Man)
Buttery suede color, every chair you sit in
Nigga we ball real, ice we got that
(Mr. Man)
Listen to Dru Hill, beauty we knock that (uhh)
Chain bling all in your face you spot that
(Mr. Man)
Take ours get a Tech in your face, stop that
Mad at me 'cause '99 was our summer
(Mr. Man)
Wildwood Jet ski ride the wave runner
Mad at me 'cause its us two housing
(Mr. Man)
Well you gon' be at mad motherfucker in 2000

Philly's Most Wanted
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