Strong Enough de Des'ree

Strong Enough Letra



'Strong Enough'

Trying to figure out just where your life is going.
Can you see the picture in the purple sky?
Silently you're walking, but where are you heading?
Questions terrorise, space inside your mind.

Are you strong enough for love?
Are you strong enough for peace?
Are you strong enough to die?
Tell me why.
I'm strong enough for you,
Are you strong enough for me?
'Cause down, down in the city
Love ain't always pretty.

They try to take your soul and mind
But you won't let them.
Never wear your destiny, outside your smile.
Always talk in riddles, so you keep them guessing.
Never criticise, keep an open mind.

They're holding their hands, begging for some time.
Can you spare a shilling, can you spare a life?
You try to give them food, but they just refuse you.
Deep down inside, you know you've tried.

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