Stay Fly


Stay Fly Letra

Artist: Three 6 Mafia
Album: Most Known Unknown
Title: Stay Fly - Crunchy Black

< Juicy J >
for the first time , its going down in history baby!
new three 6 mafia
featuring 8 ball, dj paul, MJG and youngbuck
its a tennessee thing

< Chorus >
i gotta stay high-aaaaa-aaaa
till' i die-aaaa-aaa-aaa ( 3x )

< Juicy J >
call me a juice and you know im a stunt
driven in the car with some bumpin' in the trunk
told m, I laugh and you know tis a punk
rollin down the green rollin the blunt
gettin im a pimp type girl say im the man
ice on the wrist with ice in the chain
riding in the hood gotta pimpin the brain sippin the same
well i chokin the caprice bitch im gettin you messed up
messin with the d boy ridin on the big tuarus makin man
gettin on the team
gotta hit me up before she get in my car
i aint bezil but i know im a star
cause when im in the club i rappin these falls
vip parkin ridin in the park

dj paul is a dog
want you not trust
you leave your green around me
nigga your green gonna get lit up
you leave your drank around me
belive me your drank is gonna get drunk up
you leave your girl around me and she bashin gonna get stuck
these nigga's know spy
let em lie
keep their minds tied
ride by
ride by
what they like
make em a couple of noises

and a couple of dimes
cause purple to purple to purple
swallow it with that yurple to yurple

< 8ball >
front roll full of that dro
leave the club with full of rose 8ball
your girlfriend wanna ride with me
in a car with a pimp where she supposed to be
well pull it back the dudes spittin clothes at me
cause back cus a 6 50
have a nigga who smoke reggie milla
car full of choke constantly
taste like shit when you hit it
gotta have bread to get it
smoke all night
pass it to me the american way
blow dat shit
light dat shit
hit dat shit
mo dat shit
blow that shit out of slow
hit cash to me nigro

< MJG >
mjg sprinkle in some of that
super increadiable have a nigga run at that
what a nigga with a cush stick up a numba with dat
comb up a lil like a lumba jack
in the mornin when i need it
and a whole lot of weed
but its somebody you dont wanna need
but it wont matter when i smoke those trees
dj paul, juicy j
8ball and MJG
and youngbuck we dont give a f***
we must represent this tennesee
we drink a whole lot of hennessee
this nigga got a lil hair on his chest
we like this clan girl

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