It's 4 am
and i feel dead.
thoughts of you all in my head.
they don't help to ease the pain.
they're only driving me insane.
i don't care what might have been.
we've got to live with what we're given.
you complain when i try to help.
too few years under your belt.
take the time to hear me out
and understand what i'm talking about.
Do you ever hear the things i say?
you're taking it the wrong way.
i've found peace of mind.
and i shared it with you for some time.
we never meshed as one.
and i've got this feeling that we're done.
You mean so much to me.
i couldn't help to let this be.
i tried all that i could.
but you never understood.
i don't believe that i'm the man
to take your life into my hands.
if i was i wouldn't have left.
and i believe it was for the best.
so live your life as each day comes.
and i believe when it's all done.
I will always be your friend.
from this day to the very end.
you've found peace of mind.
that i believe once was mine.
let's do this all over again.
but this time we'll just be friends.

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