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It's hotter than them bitches sitting in the free clinic, nigga
You know what I'm sizzlin'?
It's time to get this party started right, baby.
Ah, my name, they call me,
(DUH DUH-DUH DUH), Tech N9ne
And I uh, need a Caribou Lou
Uh, that's 151 Malibu Rum and pineapple juice,
You know what I'm sizzlin?
You don't know what that is?
You can't get the party started without that!
Let's do it!

You want me to jam I'm finna enter
Brain waves came from insane days
Make ya sick like bad mayonnaise
(Tech N9ne!) Got the remedy rhyme infinity
Criminally finna be some shit
I crack you open like the youngest male Kennedy
Got the whole planet rockin' off the low blows dammit
I show flows and poke hoes that's 'posed to be yo's
Seein' my haters in a dark alley tormented by mind
Dodgin' the (Tech.. 4x N9ne.. 4x)
Now here's the message
Liberate me, Chocolatate'
Take 'em and rock now play
Do the fuck what I say
Throw ya souls in the air like this
Flash ya bar codes while I stick 'em
With another hit up out of the abyss
The Tech N9ne Nina out to find vaginas
Just the playa clubbin' it, rubbin' it
Lovin' that crema streama, might seem a little extreme
My thing when I flips I gots to make sho' that it's hot
And make the whole planet rock like this

Make that ass hop
Don't stop! Down south knocks make the planet rock
Too much ass in one move
Make that ass hop (x2)
All the ladies in the party make the planet rock
See that ass hop
Watch that ass hop
All the fellas like to see you make the planet rock

Call it what you want it, ghetto futuristic come get up on it
There's a bianc up in my sector, can I bone it?
Cause all we want to do is get drunk, get blowed
Spin shit, spark blunts, and fuck hoes
We quick to beat a buster down bad
Midwestside put me in the Soundlab
Now I'm (*demonic noises*)
I flipped it backwards for you flow snatchers
Blast ya'll in the ass, Nina playin' fast ball
Crash all glass jaws
Mad y'all cause last call I was in the back of the club
Bangin' the hell outta this bad broad
On my planet we take no haters for granted
They Kris Kross (10 seconds 'till lift off)
Be soaked in pistol grip sauce, ripped off
The technique's complete heat
Retreat 6 feet under 6 feet
Unique speaks, freaks tweek
Never let the BCs can it, while the trooper Tecca Nina rock the planet, nigga


I got that type of flow to make 'em make Scream 3
Six rappers being hunted by a killa MC
I never killed a bianca with a 36D
A party with the bitches on my planet lookin' crispy
Swiftly makin' rappers do 360's (Never knew three 6's)
Other niggas tryna diss me be (Under these prefixes)
Non ill mal-functional (N9ne!) Rambunctional
Never let up on a heated mic 'till I'm comfortable, Rogue style
57th-56th Street Gang, grips we gain
Anybody wanna trips we bang
Hit us with a what? (Lyrical head splitter)
(Makin' hella hoes get a nut)
(Make 'em put the rolls in they butt)
(Let a ho be a slut)
(Negaro never give a fuck)
\"Why the attitude? Nina ross you got the sauce\"
Nigga, I'm mad cuz the Chiefs lost, I'm pieced off
In Kansas City, I'm straight from the abyss, Tech N9ne!
I got the planet rockin' with me
Whole planet rockin' like this


I can tell that you can tell that I'm twisted
By the bulge in my pants so let's do it baby like this

Kansas City make the Planet Rock (Ugh)
St. Louis make the Planet Rock (Ugh)
Missouri make the Planet Rock (Ugh)
Chicago make the Planet Rock (Ugh)
Lawrence, Kansas make the Planet Rock (Ugh)
Topeka make the Planet Rock (Ugh)
KCK make the Planet Rock (Ugh)
Wichita make the Planet Rock (Ugh)
Minnesota make the Planet Rock (Ugh)
Cleveland make the Planet Rock (say wha)
Nebraska make the Planet Rock (ugh)
Oklahoma make the Planet Rock (ugh)
Detroit make the Planet Rock (ugh)
Mississippi make the Planet Rock (ugh)
Memphis make the Planet Rock (Bitch)
Indiana make the Planet Rock (ugh)
Dakota make the Planet Rock (ugh)
Carolina make the Planet Rock (ugh)
Virginia make the Planet Rock (ugh)
D.C make the Planet Rock (ugh)
Baton Rouge make the Planet Rock (ugh)
New Orleans make the Planet Rock (ugh)
Arkansas make the Planet Rock (ugh)
Alabama make the Planet Rock (ugh)
Atlanta make the Planet Rock (say wha)
Houston make the Planet Rock (say wha)
Dallas make the Planet Rock (say wha)
Fort Worth make the Planet Rock (say wha)
Miami make the Planet Rock (say wha)
New Jersey make the Planet Rock (say wha)
Philly make the Planet Rock (say wha)
New York make the Planet Rock (say wha)
Las Vegas make the Planet Rock (say wha)
Arizona make the Planet Rock (BEATCH!)
Seattle make the Planet Rock (say wha)
California make the Planet Rock (say wha)
L.A make the Planet Rock (say wha)
Englewood make the Planet Rock (say wha)
Compton make the Planet Rock (say wha)
Long Beach make the Planet Rock (BITCH!)
Sacramento make the Planet Rock (ugh)
Oak-town make the Planet Rock (BITCH)
San Diego make the Planet Rock (HO)
San Francisco make the Planet Rock (say wha?)
Mid-West make the Planet Rock (say wha?)
Down SOuth make the Planet Rock (say wha?)
East Coast make the Planet Rock (say wha?)
West Coast make the Planet Rock (say wha?)
I say your mama make the Planet Rock
I say your daddy make the Planet rock
I say your mama sucked a dick cock

And we done
Cut that shit out!
Polar Bear in the house
Polar Bear track master 98 style
Motherfucking Midwest side to the fullest
Tech N9ne, Don Juan
We in the Bear tracks
Punk ass bitch

Tech N9ne


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