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You promised me starry night skies
They just remind me of your shining bright eyes
Im missing your voice at night time
This sepa-separation seem-seems a sad crime

B-b-b-but dont dont dont think think think
i forgot you you you
Are are are oh so sweet i i i - i know

If only you were here
Things would be more magical

If i were there
Right now would be more radical

Youre so not near
Im wishing i could place a call

And feel closer to you ooo-ooo

The miles of air and road and land
That separate me from all my plans
Were havin' havin' havin' havin' fun
But something something tells me i miss someone

B-but i hope hope hope you didn't forget me i couldn't
Forget you the whole time i always knew i knew

Say that youre into me just let me know how it will be
If you dont know dont say so
Ill wait till the perfect time think of all the perfect lines
Ill make sure if i let you know

Weve got movies on our list to see
Things to do just you and me
Calls to make from here to there and back
Weve got fun to have and days to spend
Stars to see or just pretend
At least for now just keep things right on track