Willie D

Letra de la canción

featuring Ice Cube

[Ice Cube]

Hey, didn't your mama tell you to shut up when grown folks is talking?

Well you need to shut up when grown folks is talking

Yo we don't play that

You know what I'm saying?

So you need to go in there and play witcha mama

Willie D

Verse 1:

[Willie D]

The Gangster of Love is on the go once more

I've been solo two in a row

Still got a bank full of money, fancy cars, a big crib

And bitches on my knob (that's right)

But some motherfucker's counting me out

I'm giving my real fans a big fat shout out

Source Magazine dissing niggas' records

I go to New York and kick they ass back to Texas

And write a song about it they better like

Scary motherfuckers probably give a nigga twenty mics

I'm more dangerous than Jeffrey Dahmer

you want to play with somebody, play witcha mama

[Ice Cube]

Hoe, yeah

[Willie D]

If you're fronting on that South Central 5th Ward connection

You better speed on before you get peed on

Cube tell 'em

[Ice Cube]

Play witcha mama, huh

It don't stop

[Willie D]

It don't stop, yeah, cause we won't stop

Verse 2:

[Ice Cube]

Warriors, come out and play with yo gay ass vest

You can't shoot 'em up with the wild west

And I hold a pistola, brown as Coca Cola

Coming from the shooters with the 1, 2, bang, ping

Make your ears ring (with the supernatural thing)

It's like I got a 12 gauge when I'm walking

Shut the fuck up when grown folks is talking

Cause I don't play with kids, I shut eyelids

Forever and a day, nigga what you say?

Bailing down a street in my Chuck Taylors own brand

Niggas mad dumb but they can't fade us (never)

Wishin they could be like me and Willie D

Not just a punk ass trick silly gee

You better take that little shit to your mama

(Westside rolling) Fool with the drama

It don't stop, uh, yeah

You better play witcha mama

Verse 3:

[Willie D]

I'm going out like a soldier, I thought I told you

Homie don't play that, so don't make me peteroll you

When you see me in the public, don't try to act big

Cause I'll split your fucking wig

Just give me some dap and I'm a give you some dap back

Cause I'm down to earth black

But if a nigga or a bitch try to show off

I hit 'em dead in their motherfucking mouth

And don't talk about suing me

Cause your ass won't live to see a D-I-M-E

Talking 'bout how you knew me when I wasn't shit

Mad cause I won't speak to you bitch

Now you want to cause a scene, well that's fine

Cause I do this shit all the time (that's right)

Here's a motherfucker that don't mind the drama

You want to play with somebody play witcha mama

[Ice Cube]

Play witcha mama, punk

Play witcha mama, hoe

Play witcha mama, punk

Play witcha mama, hoe

Willie D, Ice Cube, that's all she wrote

That's all she wrote

It don't stop, 'til the panties drop

Fool play witcha mama

Put a comma on that motherfucker Willie D and let's break

[Willie D]

My mama, your mama hanging on the cut

My mama beat your mama ass up, now get somewhere

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