Please explain why others show what some don磘 even know
in this game we磖e high above ourselves and we just flow
you could stand right where you are and you don磘 do anything
or make a plan to change a thing that makes us all survive
Stupid rage, no gain in words - that they just hear themselves
i try in vain to keep it silent when they磖e all awake
all they磛e learned is how they need a god and how they blow
all this mud - explained and told to dust before my eyes
Somehow i need a jesus for my plan
to save the world and all that shit -
i can磘 control myself, i磎 just a sacred cramp !
to break would be immoral, but explain to me what磗 right ?
I don磘 regret that sometimes i feel strange and what i do is wrong
i can磘 complete the world and when you磍l ask me all i磍l do is lie
It磗 straight to happen just before my eyes
no greater love can磘 help the fear i hide
why can磘 i change a thing before my eyes
sometimes i wish that i could be so blind


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