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Porno Movie

Three 6 Mafia


Porno Movie Letra

Insert it insert it in her mouth
The dick is in your mouth long and hard
(Oh my god)
Insert it insert in her mouth

To all the tricks and them bitches
Who suck on the dick occasionally
The scarecrow I love all you hoes
Who be really playin' the dick so sensationally
Horny ass little hoes always be
Duckin' their head on up under the blanket
Choke your throat up on the robe
Therefore the scarecrow spank it trick
Oh hoe I know ya want to chew me
'Cause I know your a triple six groupie
Open your mouth and don't be scared to let the scarecrow like penetrate
No need for you to worry bitch cause I won't say your fuckin' name on tape
Scarecrow will show you hoes no fuckin' mercy
Keep your teeth out of the way bitch 'cause it hurts me
Fuckin' sluts ya know ya love lick up on our penis
'Cause ya stuck up bitches think ya witness the meanness
Hoggin' a lot you ??? in my ??????? follow me
Filthy ass bitches they think that they committing a fuckin' sperm robbery
Take your time with your tongue little busy
When ya do me we can make us a porno movie

[Chorus: x7]

Koop got them freaky long porno visions all up on this dick
Go tell your friends so I can knock the skin of off their little clitoris
Straight off the bed
Which led to the couch
My motha fuckin' dick in her mouth
Just lay the fuck down so Koop can visit into another round
Can't get with this pimp shit lyricists
Koopsta knicca with them many hitches
Its not that freaky
Its just the mothafuckin' devil limit
And miss I love to toture you with wild sex
Not at the Marriot and yet and no raggedy duplex
Next to the condom store
Which is where I had the girl to get my Trojan
Therefore I can stick like down ya mouth is open
Oh close your lips cause I ain't finna make love to ya
'Cause part two recordin' of the Koopstas greatest adventures
And if ya like we can take a hike through the woods
I'm up to no good
But I love to rub up on in the back of woods
So for all you freaky naked groupies all up on my snoopy
Its not a soap just a horror type of porno movie

[Chorus: x7]

See its like this we believe in gettin' what we can out of a bitch
Dope or dick
Suck or fuck
Cheese or an ass lick
These hoes don't surprise me none
I know what they came for capable of doin'
Ya gotta drop the waist side
'Cause I gotta get some chewin'
This a amateur flick bitch but still ya gotta do your best
I want your ass in the pants
But never just put you to the test
Its time to roll I gotta get it at the show
Ya gotta come out ya clothes on stage freaky bitch
Freaky bitch
'Cause you a hoe
'Cause yous a hoe
Yous the best I can get
'Cause I really don't want to be with ya first ya fuck up my
Pimpsta ??? is how to get ya
I really don't give a fuck about ya bitch you's ain't my mother
You just a mothafucka who like to fuck without the rubber
But I ain't going trick hoe so don't give me that pill shit
Nor the plan to pull out and can't have no kid shit
Just lay on the bed so I can catch ya from the back side
Ya fuckin' groupie, lights, camera, action,
Its a porno movie
Its like that


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