Darkened Cross

This election is precious, you better see,
what this will mean, to you and me.
our leaders are blind, with broken eyes,
their actions shameful, not dignified.
and so as worlds collide, our soldiers die,
because of a man’s evil pride.
they never see the young boys face,
sent to fight at a pointless pace.
his corruption, and power, derived from the masses,
then stolen in pride.
I got an idea, lets start a war,
then get criticized by michael moore.
he’s got a point, his sources true,
bringing the truth to me and you.
a mantra of hate you delegate,
end the war or suffer your fate.
stop the war, don’t let the bullets fly
step down from your throne, and don’t deny!
Chorus: american lies, american lies,
our soldiers die for your american lies x 2
So back to war, even the score,
now 1,000 bodies ripped and torn.
yet to them you show scorn,
so what are they fighting for.
for their country they’ll gladly give their lives,
for the family lay their lives on the line.
but not for you, of all things good,
hide inside your executioner’s hood.
a justified war, clearly not,
now g.w. your on the spot.
you’ll try and try, but they still die,
maybe your just not built to lie!
Chorus x 4
Instrumental break:
Chorus x 2
No brothers or sisters or children at all,
did you lose in this war, now its your call,
save those living, or f*** those dead,
but i know your answer, i’m 3 steps ahead!!!!!!!!


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