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Pretty Girl

N-B Ridaz


2x chorus-something about you baby drives me crazy something about this pretty girl blows my
verse1- si tu supieras lo que siento, cada vez que me pongo a pensar en todos los momentos, all the good times we had, me and you, you and i, hot summer nights makin love in july, the only girl that didn't give it on the first time una mujer incomparable ama' love for life, me cautivaste with your ways and all the things you do my pretty girl i ghotta make it work with you tell the worl tell your girls and your family, con este anillo te prometo you're my everything,cuz nobody's ever made me feel the way you do i just dropped you off already miss you chica bonita sonrisa sincera i wanna be with you asta que me muera let's make a packed and always be together with you by my side girl am down for whatever.
Verse2-you stood out from the crew from across the room i had to keep my attention on you so about that pretty face that pretty smile you couldn't help but to get lost in those pretty eyes yeah this girl she had it all the type of women that you take to your mother saying look what i found love and companionship someone to talk through these rough times who ain't afraid to handle it and understands that my life is differentand accepts it this isn't what i expected yeah she's beautiful inside and out something hard to find in the world these days even on my worst days she's got me happy like a kid waking up on hid birthday this kinda relation that was based on frienship am letting you know am ready to ride out with you.
2x chorus
Verse3-waz up lil shorty can we talk for a minute i've been having dreams and you've been all up in em'i know you don't know i seen you around your the hottest looking honey that i've seen in this town come on let's conversate they a walkin together just wanna know you a little bit better your beauty uncomparable eyes drove me crazy see that time i wanna have for my lady something about you don't know what it is, i know we just met but can i give you kiss grab your hand makes you hug me acting kinda shy dimples on your face got you lookin pretty fly baby this is real talk i wanna be with you little did i know you were diggin me too now am down on my knees got you saying i do so ahd to write a song dedicated to you
2x chorus