Prisoners Song Letra y Canción

Vernon Dalhart

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PRISONERS SONG es una canción de Vernon Dalhart.


'Prisoners Song'

The prisoner's songvernon dalhart- top #1 in 26 and 26!oh, i wish i had some-one to love mesome-one to call me their ownoh, i wish i had some-one to live with'cause i'm ti-red of liv-in' a-loneoh, please meet me to-night in the moon-lightplease meet me to-night all a-lonefor i have a sad sto-ry to tell youit's a sto-ry that's nev-er been toldi'll be car-ried to the new jail to-mor-rowleav-ing my poor dar-ling all a-lonewith the cold pris-on bars all a-round meand my head on a pil-low of stonenow i have a grand ship on the o-ceanall mount-ed with sil-ver and goldand be-fore my poor dar-lin' would suf-feroh! that ship would be an-chored and soldnow if i had wings like an an-gelo-ver these pri-son walls i would flyand i'd fly to the arms of my poor dar-lin'and there i'd be wil-ling to die