My World EP de Avril Lavigne

Fuel Letra

Avril Lavigne

'Fuel' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco My World EP.



Gimme fuel
Gimme fuel
Gimme that which I desire
Tur On...I see red
Adrenaline crash and
grash my head
Nitro junkie
Paint me dead
And I see red

A hundred plus
Through Black and white
war horse
`Em man
White knuckles
through Black and white
ohhh, On I bur
Fuel, is pumping

Burning hard, loose
and clean
And I bur

Churning my direction
Quench my thirst
Whit gasoline
So Gimme fuel
Gimme fire
Gimme that which I desire

Turn on beyond the bone
Swollow future
Spit out home
Burn your face upon
the corner
join the crash
Anoter junkie
lives tou fast
Yeah lives way too
Fast,Fast,Fast Ohhh
Ohhh, On I burn
Fuel is pumping

Burning hard, loose
and clean
And I burn


Uh Yeah-oh ohh
And On I burn


Oh I burn!

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