prophet of the valley.....yeah, here we go...yo, yo, yo, cmon, ayyo...
the savior of spittin/
leavin sub-atomic scripts ill-written/
watchin the blood start drippin/
my chick strippin/
while i be on the mic, rippin/
quit trippin/
or i leave every mutha fucka in yo crew limpin/
take your women/
itz difficult for yall to continue livin/
i left yo spine stiffened/
and your gutz piled on silk linen/
return to the valley, reclaim what is mine/
burn pakiz, and toss they ashes on land-minez/
the sun shines/
shootin bullets in a pattern, so itz like my gun rhymes/
rememberin those fun times/
when slaughterin sovietz, ahmad shah masood sayin
"itz time, to bust nines!"/
from virginia to cali,
panjsher to bali,
hit wit empaq,
itz prophet of the valley,
from clubz to alleyz,
road showz to street ralleyz,
spit wit empaq,
itz prophet of the valley,
islamic scholarz sayin itz a sin to say im a prophet/
i dont give a f***, thats why i leave them talibz in a coffin/
stench so sick, i start weezin and coughin/
seizin the moment, leaven skeletonz in my closet/
my flow'z like the nile river, except from a sink faucet/
think profits, when marshall's makin money, you cant stop it/
haha, thinkin this is a vcr, itz reality, so you cant pause it/
attacked so much wit impact, my mind is gone, ive lost it!/
(chorus) 2x
empaq.....valley prophet.....2003...haha,
thiz iz marshall mirzada in attack mode!!!


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