Angry Amputees

Letra de la canción

She'll have your balls
To get just what she wants
She'll pull a temper tantrum
In your favorite restaurant
She'll slap your face
In front of your friends
You'll beg for mercy
But it's never going to end.

Psycho, psycho, psycho, psycho bitch

You try to leave
You'll find your ties flat
She says she loves you,
Then talks shit behind your back
You'll beg and plead
But you'll never be free
With a gun to your head
Just pull the trigger please.


She's got a crazy head
She won't regret the things she's done
She'll meet your kids at school
And buy them things they want
And when your wife's at home
She will pretend to sell her Avon
Because she means to do her harmâ?¦

'Cause she's a psycho, psycho, psycho, psycho bitchâ?¿¿

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