Disco '4th Degree Burn' (2000) al que pertenece la canción 'Psycho Love'

Psycho Love



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Yeah, yeah, yeah come up
Yeah, yeah, yeah come up

We begin to your sin when you were a fiend
Come again like a drug in my body like amphetamine
You got jacked and I got stacked when you turn to black
I'm back to the time when I'm feeling you'll be mine
This is a story I said I'm sorry
Of love, hate, fun and orgy
You better run to your mommy if you've got no one
Hide in a suitcase like you're hidin' from the sun

I'd rather die than to see you fly [Repeat: x2]
Psycho love [Repeat: x1]

You gave me love without you I feel like I got robbed
Like a dove when it cries all I do is crucify
Magnify defy the truth about the lie
I said I...I...I... want to die
When you spin then I try to win your heart again
I'll be singing hallelujah like I am a born again
Christian no ammunition to all your questions
I am a guilty party and I got no explanation

Repeat Chorus:

Talking sex on the text you don't know what's comin next
Watch me flex as we watch some hardcore triple-X
Tu ma's dis je t'aime je t'ai dis attends j'allais dire prends-moi
Be my senorita make love in my casa
If you want some more then I'll call you mañana
Tu m'as dis attends tu m'as dis va t'en

I love you, you can never get away
I need you, you can never try to play (6x)
Love me, love me, love me

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