Puffy eyes aching head echoes of the words I said
Keep following me around from room to room
Though I've climbed these stairs before and knocked on this same door
How much longer will you let me in
I didn't mean all the things I said but a heart full of regrets
And all the tears these puffy eyes can cry for you
Will do everything we know to do to try to make it up to you
If you'll just forgive us once again
I would get what was comin' to me if you ever left me honey
You'd better be off without me no doubt about it
But I hope you'll stay and love me
And try to understand my crazy way of lovin' you
[ steel ]
Can't you tell these puffy eyes love you
I think that devil must've had a hand in makin' me like I am
But I hope I'm worth the time it takes to change
Cause as mean to you as I seem to be there's a love as deep as love can be
If I could only make you understand
I would get what was comin' to me...
I would get what was comin' to me...

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Donna Fargo

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