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Push en español

She said i don't know if i've ever been good enough i'm a little bit
Rusty and i think my head is caving in and i don't know if i've ever
Been really loved by a hand that's touched me well i feel like
Something's gonna give and i'm a little bit angry well
This ain't over no not here not while i still need you around you
Don't owe me we might change yeah yeah we just might feel good
I wanna push you around, well i will, well i will i wanna push you
Down, well i will, well i will i wanna take you for granted, i wanna
Take you for granted i will
She said i don't know why you ever would lie to me like i'm a little
Untrusting when i think that the truth is gonna hurt ya and i don't
Know why you couldn't just stay with me you couldn't stand to be
Near me when my face don't seem to want to shine cuz it's a little bit
Dirty well
Don't just stand there, say nice things to me i've been cheated i've
Been wronged, and you you don't know me, i can't change i won't do
Anything at all (chorus) oh but don't bowl me over just wait a minute
Well it kinda fell apart, things get so crazy, crazy don't rush this
Baby, don't rush this baby (chorus)

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