Jack Jones

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The race is ongeorge joneswritten by don rollins[nc] i feel tears wellin' up cold and deep insidelike my [d] heart's sprung a big [a] breakand a stab of loneliness sharp and painful[e] that i may never shakeyou might [a] say that i was taking it hardoh, she [d] wrote me off with a [a] callbut don't you wager that i'll hide the sorrowwhen i may [e] break right down and [a] bawl?[nc] well, the race is [a] on and here comes pride up the backstretch[d] heartaches are going to the in-[a] sidemy tears are holding backthey're tryin' [e] not to fall[a] my heart's out of the runningtrue love's [d] scratched for another's [a] sakethe race is on and it looks like heartachesand the [e] winner loses [a] all.one day i ventured in love, never once suspectin'what the final result would behow i lived in fear of waking up each morningand thinkin' that you're gone from methere's ache and pain in my heartfor today was the one that i hated to facesomebody new came up to win heri came out in second place from: "nancy wood"

fuente: musica.com

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