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A little sexual frustration
Combined with lack of motivation
And a loss of concentration
I've got a strange disease
I can't concentrate on work
My libido's gone berserk
Now I'm sweating through my shirt
I've got a strange disease

Two weeks ago
You said you'd never leave me
And here I am alone
And in this world of reckless happenstance
Why do good things have to go away
And leave you with nothing
Ya, you left me with nothing
Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah
And a strange disease
wee ooo wee ooo

Hyper emotional sensations
Sent via television stations
Unaffected by locations
I've got a strange disease
I can't seem to get to sleep
I don't want nothing to eat
Walking up and down your street
I've got a strange disease

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Letra añadida por: aluxz (#28.575)

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