No Basta - Franco De Vita | En Vivo Marzo 16

No Basta
en inglés

Franco De Vita


No Basta (en inglés)

Brought into the world is not enough
because it is mandatory
they are the basis of marriage
or because you missed the bill.
Not enough to bring
to school to learn
because life is getting tougher
be what your father could not be.
It is not enough affection
you have given very little
all because the damn job
and time.
It is not enough because when he wanted
talk about a problem
you told her child, "will be tomorrow
too late, I'm tired. "
Not enough to buy everything
what he bought
the new car before graduation
to live what you have not lived.
Not enough to believe
an excellent father
because that tells people
your children will never lack anything.
It is not enough because when he wanted
talk about sex
you went up the colors to the face
and you left.
Because there is not enough
had a problem
I had resolved to buy at the corner
there was, there was.
Do not buy just curious objects
not enough when you need is love
learn to give value to things
that you'll not eternal.
Not enough to punish him for being late
if you have not fallen and your boy is a man
now higher and stronger than you
you ...

Datos de No Basta

NO BASTA es una canción de Franco De Vita del año 1990, este tema está incluido dentro del disco En Vivo Marzo 16. Agradecemos a ysik 1 por haber sudido la letra de No Basta en inglés.