The countdown commences my mentality divided by the fences of my senses condenses on the skin of a girl who can't seem to stop the twirl of the room it's in & out too soon to bend the spoon engage in a verbal rage in her cage while i stay cool calm & collected my intellect respected by the next kid to bring her down and show her how it feels now to f*** without this connection my life and my direction confession of a dog that cannot learn its lesson regression take a walk down memory lane of the pain when she cut me into sections to swallow the hollow promise of tomorrow the end of sorrow and whatever was to follow the light that we left on for five years long while we sang that song we tried to carry on to stay a thousand miles away with nothing left to say…
a cold telephone rings i can't seem to place these things as they come one by one lots of fun i'm done with this summertime that i've endured i felt so sure this dark so pure live to cure my disease i get down on my knees beg plead for a need that would be dismissed by a gentle kiss on my fingertips by the lips that i thought i knew so well it's kind of hard to tell i throw a penny in the wishing well i wish you well look what we have here another path to clear another smear another tear in the face of a year my dear scattered out among the crowd & now the music is just too loud to feel the sound of the one & only thing in this life that is real something for a change you don't have to steal conceal under the mask of hyper-real revealed as a broken down emotional appeal to fix flipping bics burning sticks learning tricks getting kicks out of this life long gone as i walk along & hum…
take a walk out of the door you left wide open
take a look at all the leaves left on the ground
stop & wonder why you never felt so afraid
take a look into your life & pray that it don't…

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