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Snoop Dogg

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SNOOP D.O. DOUBLE G es una canción de Snoop Dogg que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece.


'Snoop d.o. double g'

[Intro (Snoop talking)]
Yeah! You know how we do
A lil´ something for the non-believers
For the underachievers
Ya´ll know what time it is
Big Snoop Dogg up in this motherfucka one time
I want ya´ll to sing this shit wit me
It go like this, check it out.

[Hook 2x]
Snoop D.O. Double G, the way you rip so love-ely
It sound so visciously
When the thump in the trunk go, bump, bump, bump

[Verse One]
Everybody put your hands to the motherfucking center
Baby girl go on an´ pull ya weave back, D-O-G, oh yeah, he back
And I´m steppin´ out the all-blue Lee-zac
Word on the streets, yeah ni***, I got the feedback
I don´t trip off, I get the tip off
Befo´ it rip off, yeah homie, I´m the Biz-oss
I got them finger-lickin´ chickens wit the siz-auce
And one of my hoes known to cut ya dick off
Leave ya stuck in the land of the liz-ost
I´m back at the mayn-sion, cold as the friz-ost
Sittin´ on ten acres, dawg, wit a kiz-ost
A whole lot to you, but a lil´ nothing to me
That´s what you get, for fuckin´ wit me
Ain´t that right, Sha Money from the D-P-C
You know I´m down with them boys
I clown wit them boys
Don´t f*** around wit them boys, ´cause they down wit the


[Verse Two]
STOP! Wait! Now let me give it to ya
This is the proper hip-hopper, it get into ya
I know you liking it, loving it, or you feelin´ it
D.O. Double Gizzel, oh yeah, Cuh/Cuzz be killin´ it
Who the only ni*** that you can call on?
When ya favorite rapper fall off, the Big Dogg, fall on
10, 11, 12, or was it 13?
How many years a ni*** been in the game, and I´m still so clean
I´m flippin´ up the game and shit
I maintain my thang wit this
And I, never hesitate to bang a bitch
I´m having millions, and I´m still banging Crip
Um, um, wouldn´t you believe it?
Even after achievin´, got a deal wit the heathens
But, as long as I´m breathing
I´ma keep walking like Jesus
My name is


[Verse Three]
"Whatchu gone next, how you gone say it
When yo album come out dawg, I can´t wait to play it
Tell the truth, my ni***, I love all ya work"
Well, from me to you low, welcome to the Church
Mi casa, su casa
So, get ya drank on and smoke on ni***, go on an´ boss up
You can holla at baby, it´s ok to me
Then I love it when them motherfuc*** say to me


[Outro (Snoop talking)]
Yeah! Sha Money, representin´ G-Unit, good lookin´ my ni***
As usual, it´s a DPG-Unit connection
You know how we do it
A lil´ something for the non-believers
For the underachievers

Snoop D.O. Double G

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