Step yo game up Letra y Canción

Snoop Dogg

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STEP YO GAME UP es una canción de Snoop Dogg que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece.


'Step yo game up'

Yeah Man What´s Going on Man It´s really really pimpin´ up in here man
I know you ain´t seen pimpin´ in a long time man I´ve been MIA
You know what I´m sayin´ missin in action I ain´t been on no milk carton box
but I´ve been milking and boxing these bitches
cuz they got to step they game up you know what I mean

What you lookin´ at (step yo game up!)
What you waitin´ for (step yo game up!)
Go on come on in the door (step yo game up!)
Drop it to the floor and just (step yo game up!)
You a kid (step yo game up!)
You drink gin (step yo game up!)
Is that your friend (step yo game up!)
Tell a ni*** you with you better (step yo game up!)

[Lil John]

[x2] Break it down bitch, let me see you back it up
drop that ass down low then pick that motherfuc*** up

[x4] Back that pu*** tease a motherfuc***

[x2] Rub that shit it´s yours bitch, grab his dick it´s yours bitch

[x2] Now turn around bitch, put that ass on a ni***, grind on his dick make it get a little


[Snoop Dogg]
Bitch wanna act like she ain´t never been with fast lane pimpin´ on em
Nails with the french tip potato chip yup with a french dip say she wanna french kiss all on my diz-nick
It´s cool, go on and break fool if you have to, what which you won´t do, bitch I´ma slap you
Stay in line ho it´s a pimp affair, if you down to get low I can take you there
But you can´t fake once you hit the gate, shake till it ache, work that birthday cake
You say you wanna make it ho, well quit bullshittin´ and get naked ho
Now you always got to be hot and vicious, so move them biscuits and hit them tricks bitch
Now you got about a minute to fix this cuz I´m trying to find a bitch that´s bootylicious


P-U-S-S-Y, run a world, I´m the girl in the flesh ah
Lookin´ for a ni*** that will suck me like a blow pop
Run that dick to the door, do me baby don´t stop
Same ni*** talkin´ all that shit
Just a little bitch, little balls, little dick
Let me show you how to work your tongue like a hurricane
We ain´t here to play no games, baby give me everything
I know you like me when I drop it down low
Show it from the back, look back, let it roll
Drop it to the floor like a g-bitch supposed to
Shake it shake it shake it make a ni*** go postal
But that´s for fuc*** with a miami girl (?)
Get your man, take his money, and then buy the world
So ni*** don´t front, cuz fat wallets and big dicks is all I want


[x8] Church, Preach, Tabernacle


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