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Let's go!

I met her at the club, her friend liked me but she didn't.
She noticed a lot of girls giving up their phone digits.
She didn't want to be one of those ho's whose clothes
exploiting their body's from head to toes. She had glossy lips,
she was swaying her hips on the dance floor and every ni--
flashing the grips trying to impress her in vain,
she gave no play, tend to offer numbers and she said no way.
I thought to myself let it go the girl on beat,
but like Smoky said she really had a hold on me.
I couldn't stop staring I started to fantasize with her.
Voices in my head said she's tantalizing ya. Even if I
moved to the other side of the party I had pictures in my
head of her moving that body. I was beside myself with conquer
pain so I slowly walked over and I asked her name
Coro:) (x2)
What's your name? What's your number?
I would like to get to know you,
Can we have a conversation?
The night is young, Girl
Give me a chance

She gave a smile but I got no answer though it took a while
before she could gave a chance she sat too cool. I offered her
a drink she turned me down flat she said "If you want my name
you gotta do better than that." I said, "Okay, now your shit
don't stink, I'ma walk away, only tried to buy you a drink."
As I began to walk away she said "I'm sorry for reals, but every
guy in the club tries slipping me pills, I don't trust that each
and everyone would lie to you" I said "I understand but that's
not what I tried to do, I wasn't even gonna go to your table but
if I didn't, I knew that I'd regret it later. I go after what I
want but I got class. For me no need to slip a pill if I want."
She gave me a funny look, I couldn't tell what it meant. She let
her guard down and on the conversation went
Coro) (x2)

Lets go!

She said I want a man with the plan and ambition not an immature...
on a... get mission. I'm too good but that I have so much to offer.
Got a good job, working at my mom and dad's law firm. "You got
goals?" that's what she asked, "Yeah, I want to fill my home with
platinum plaques. It takes hard work but you know it's coming
after." She said "Oh My God! You must be a famous rapper". "I do
alright, but I'm never satisfied. I'm told 'when you still love
what you do it never gets old'. I strive for more but that's enough
about me. Why don't we skip out the club, take a walk on the street?
We slipped outta the club with no worries, seemed she wanted to get
out in a hurry. We hung all night, and we lost our friends...'til
they caught us banging in the back of a Benz.
(Coro) (x4)

Let's go!
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Cypress Hill
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