Baby i'm takin for you but i don't want to rushin to somethings that you just ain't ready for cause the moment i saw you i knew i wanted to call you and ask you baby please could you be my girl and everyday at school i'll pass a note to you i'm doin things that i never thought i'd do and i can't tell a lie i lay and wink an i and wonder if i had a chance with you.
i know your not ready yet to go steady i know you told your ready but girl i just want you and my boyz told me forget it but my pride won't let it cause girl i'm feelin you (2x)
Baby out of my way baby and ticipate about the day when you say that you will be mine pretty soon will be datin everyone will be hatin all the love that could stand though the just in time if you give me a chance i'll take you by the hand and tell you all the reasons why i should be your man but first i gotta know so do you walk a rope we don't have to tell a soul keep it on the low
(chorus 2x)
Girl you are the everything i sware this much is true you never had to be alone cause i'll be next to you i'll give it you my heart cause girl you are the bomb and i will come chasin you cause girl you are the one your the one ohhhhhhh.
( chorus until fade)


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