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Judas Priest

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DEMONIZER es una canción de Judas Priest del año 2005, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Angel of Retribution.



Born of the sun
Crashed to the earth
Tormented reviled
Engorged hate from birth
Hellion's the steed
Blood's on the wing
Claws set to slice
Vengeance he'll bring

Cremating the land
In seek and destroy
Apocalypse slays
Napalm he'll deploy
The beast of a god
Regaled of his race
Prepare to onslaught
And bare face to face
Across the divide
The thresholds in flames
The Painkiller rises again

The scream of the demon
There's evil about
They've come to posses us
Out, demons out

Blade of the wheel
Cuts deep in the bone
It's Gideon's quest
To take Satan's throne

The critical mass
And power that they wield
Exterminates all
When vermin rebel
A maelstrom begins to disintegrate
And pulverize all in it's wake

Out, out, out, demons out

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