Guerilla Black

Letra de la canción

La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la (4X)

You were My First, my last, and my only
Ever since you left I've been lonely
I can't find no love in my homies
Yooouuu allwayys was true (2X)

I knew it, ever since I started see'in ya
A few body scars, a few misdemeanors
You was down when nobody else was down
Helped me stacked the pounds, kept the gat in ya blouse
I admit I used to f*** around a little bit
But I knew that you would always be my chick
You be my shit talk, and next she be in black and blue
It was true I always had to have you
I can still smell the curry shrimp and rice
You'se the only one I ever trusted with my life, shit
I'd like to break up, to make-up, to make love
Them was some of the best times that we ever was

Chorus - 2X

I remember them bitches they tried to hit your sister
Both look at you and got their ass shook up
You was crazy, I was crazier for being with you
Everybody said I shouldn't, I didn't listen
Stealing me outfits for birthdays and holidays
Snatchin shit up with your purse, up at Robinson-Mays
Cleanin the shells at Victoria Secret
Going diamond lovey, and sell it on weekends
You used to say never give the dick away
And if I did me and that bitch just disappear away
Brown Traps I love you like a brother
Everytime when she tired she reminds me of her
My mother, my brother I love'em to the death
No matter what they say I wouldn't love you any less
Uhh, Uhh, Uhh, Uhh, no matter what they say I wouldn't love you any less

Chorus - 2X

A hoe at 18, the 7-18
A day M. Felicish Orlean rest in peace
Part of my heart's gold
It was me and you against the world baby but we helped our own
Some times they went wrong some times they went right
It was the petty shit the reason we fuss and fight
We was closer, than the coast of Nosetrub
Everybody thought they didn't know us
I knew that you was be having my baby
I was scared he be broke, he grow up the same way
If it was up to me you wouldn't have to work for shit
We can live great on the states and live mad rich
I guess God need the soldiers in heaven
Soldier you was and soldier forever, and ever

Chorus - 2X

Uh, uh come on baby
Rest in Peace boo
You know I'm out here I'm doin' the stage you know
You still with me you know through this whole journey
You know what I'm sayin'
Remember when we used to have all the fights

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