Charlie 3

My own garden - Letra

Charlie 3

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My own garden is quiet and pacefull,
nobody with an evil mind can live in there,
and I guess I couldn´t too.

Is too perfect to be real,
it´s so perfect that I hate it,
like all Ido...
it gives me pleasure and sweetly torture me.

Where are you love?
Are you too perfect to exist in this world?,
in this world...
in this world...

The simple idea to end alone
doesn´t leave me in peace one second
and I need you even more.

I feel like into a bottle,
seeing the sun through a little hole
and there´s no place for anyone else,
it´s no time to peep the head
yet remember I tried and then returned,
into there...
into there...

It´s easier to be happy outside
but it´s better when you learn to stay inside,
so high, so far, so real...