Chris Robinson

Letra de la canción

She's dancing in gold glitter shoes
she's losing the same old blues
she's different from any girl i knew
she's drinking in a chinatown bar
she's thinking
those bright lights gonna take her far
she knows every bed's not warm
you can tell by the look in her eye
someone has done her wrong
she says
let the red road take me
let it take me away
she says
let the red road take me
let is show me the way
Cigarette ashes, solid gold chain
they've got possessions, yeah
more of the same
they ration, no one's to blame
she's just crashin'
so she could walk away
Nobody told her, there'd be no one to blame
no time to recover, only the lesson's made
i hope she's better, maybe she's the same
it don't matter, when the roads have no names


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