Disquito - Ancient Of The Old

Ancient Of The Old Letra

Seals & Croft

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ANCIENT OF THE OLD es una canción de Seals & Croft.

Letra 'Ancient Of The Old'

On a crisp as bacon morning
with the sunshine on my head
from the twilight of the dawning
raised myself up from my bed
fixed mine eyes upon a favour
like no mortal eye behold
then i chose to taste the flavour
of the ancient of the old
On a chill as winter evening
in a doubtful circumstance
he stopped the evil breathing
of a one time's serpent's chance
old black sea with silver lining, how i long with all my soul
to quaff the mystic fragrance
of the ancient of the old
From a red as amber burning
with the chalice in my hand
i know there is no turning
i must now obey command
at last decree has destined
now the mystery untold
will shine in all it's glory
from the ancient of the old