Come to me


Letra de la canción

Come... come to me
come to me, I am your creator
I give you a life, come to me come to me sheepfold
I am your shephard
and take my faith
because I am your god
my religion is the best
you will live forever
come to my kingdom
and be my apprentice
I am your teatcher worship me !!!
I am the truth !
I am the wisdom !
come to me and be fanatic I'll give you
everything come to me fool
you will be another sacrifice
come to me, I won't hurt you I am your
father, come to me take my body and suck
my blood blood !!!
I feel abomination to other religions
there is no tolerantion belive me and pray
you can die... die...
come to me...

Letra añadida por: gobico (#306)

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