Come! arise once again! and we together will taste
a cup of bliss that will be brought by trembling gods before thy grace
Just to regain that nights when we as mindless lovers couldn't flee
from spells of thine that took the top of me when we coalesced thy art to see
We deceived the death not one time as she in a rage scythed the innocent lives
and we laughed at her, seeing her insane,cause she couldn't find us, we had a look of disdain
but death didn't know all these dark caresses and all thy strength that you possessed
thy breath was granted to me with thy embraces through one cold night i was for thy art a slave to be
Our laugh spread like a furious storm
bursting into the rooms of sleeping mortals
that to fill their hearts with
growing horror and soul-iced awe
and we felt in love again when we took
the lives of pathetic mortals
we embraced while the virgin's blood run in my veins
and by this we were damned by the gods
And you had come as storm at night
we made love till death tried us to find
in demon night thou showed thy art
but time had gone we've been caught by the light
something sharp pierces me straight in my heart and i awake
in my death's embrace i see thou
and ask for death to give me time for farewell with thee
i promise thee-i shall never let
erase them thee from my heart that i forget:
"thy jade eyes that drove me mad
like jewels kept in forest heart
thy fury that made me thy slave
like storm over the oceans waves
thy tears that could melt the heart
like pearls of heaven, eden's part
thy love that took from me my sleep
like silver moon listining to her kids
singing for her their howling song
of their lost motherland whom they belong"
[07-08-june 1999]


Celestial Crown

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