Canción 'R.J.R.' del disco 'To the Nines' interpretada por Only Crime

R.J.R. Letra

Only Crime

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R.J.R. es una canción de Only Crime del año 2004, este tema está incluido dentro del disco To the Nines.

Letra 'R.J.R.'

Bloodshot eyes when I look at my past
I never meant to be the last one to see
Thatt I'm always falling

We're not alone like we sometimes feel
I'm falling in though I know it can't be real
The same as the purest form yet we persist

I'm alive resigned to it
Keeping time with the barely breathing
Down trapped in the heart
Hear the screams we stifle in and out of turn
And alone we'll see it burn

Gun in my mouth still I can't explain
I'm withdrawn it'll never change
And I'll drown
I'll see you down below
And I can't shut it out

Dawn breaks on a violent stage
A coarse veil of another static rage
Reaching for a greater sign
But there's no more time

No laws in a life alone
I got a sick sense of a coming home
Keep falling inside those familiar roles
I see right through this child of grace
All these thoughts can't stop this pain

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