King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime - Ricochet


Ricochet Letra

All of that thick time without you
Has made me so thick and drunk
And it's ok to laugh about it
I said, \"it's ok to laugh about it

Runnin' twice as fast to stay in the same place
Don't catch my breath until the end of the day
And I'd rather be sot in the face
Than hear what you're going to say

One day the wind will come up
And you'll come up empty again
And who'll be laughing then
You'll come up empty again

No reason no explanation so play the violins

It's always funny until someone gets hurt
And then it's just hilarious

You beat me every time you blink
If only I did not have to think
Think about you crackin' a smile
Think about you all the while

On the ricochet it's going to hit you
It's always funny until someone gets hurt
You can laugh at me when it misses you

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