Letra de la canción

to every country with all due respect
to any color creed or dialect
to every soldier that died in battle
to every man and his castle
to every penny pinching asshole
that can sit and watch it all topple
from top to bottom beginning to end communism
to freedom shit
i can assure you it still exists
struggle for life in a free society
we want a fascist free society
why can't you stop this impropriety
to every mother with all due respect
to every father and son conflict
to every goddamn day fought in battle
to every boy and his castle
to every cop i ever hassled
that has sat and watched it all crumble
from the tallest mountain
from sea to shinning sea
still we're not free
we never will be
and i'm sure it will never exist
so go ahead and struggle for a free society

Letra añadida por: vane/182 (#146)

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