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Thank God I don't think out loud
Too many thoughts in my head
Right now
Mostly concerning the moonlight
As it dances across your neck. I'm out of practice
And you smell like roses. I'm the mortal soldier
You're queen of hearts
All that I want is to show you how you you're nothing like all of them tell you.
To be more than just a cricket on your shoulder
A little closer.

Feelings choke me
Don't let me leave without a word
Never give in
I've been letting my mind win the war with my heart. You are timeless
I am a fool in love with time

I've always believed in you
Want to be more than that tonight
And live for the moment
But that takes too much pride. You will say what I never have

I'd shape up and put on weight
Cross out my calendar marked to the date where we'd meet on some mystic veranda
To dance I'd show you skills. I'm not forgotten. I'd spoil you rotten.
So Don't be afraid
For better or worse
Lets die
And first we can think about this later when were not so jaded. So jaded.
I can't go on the way I've gone forever. A new endeavor is oh so needed and

Feelings scare you
You never look me in the eye
Don't ever change I just want you to know the complacencies always been staged
I was blinded until you opened up my eyes
I've always believed in you

Want to be more than that tonight
And live for the moment
But that takes too much pride
You will say what I.. Never had if I tried
Damned if I don't. What if I died without being with you
I can try all I want
The feelings would taunt saying ‘loser we see through you.’ And forgive me love
These thoughts are not my own
They were put in my mind by aliens
To keep me home alone. And forgive me love
For wanting you. Blame it on those eyebrows arching over baby blues
Oh you. Oh you.....

And live for the moment but that takes too much pride.
You will say what I never have.
Oh can you see me now?
Do you hear me now?
Do you see Me now?
Could you save me now?
Do you hear me now?
Could you see me now?
Could you save me now?
I'm choking... I'm choking...



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