The Honorary Title


Through a thin layer of rubber and a thick rusted armor of drunken lust
I think when our clothes were on we had a different image of
What this was supposed to be
My buzz allowed me to slip into you more comfortably

Here's what I intended, and here is the truth(x2)

The soundtrack to our meeting fills the awkward spaces between our strained breathing
And the only thing between, between the two of us, is your blood and our sweat
I can taste the cigarettes on your tongue while exchanging spit

Here's what I intended, and here is the truth(x2)
Here is the truth (x6)

Now disguise this whining with melody, and I hope that it leaves, leaves you intrigued
And I hope you feel, you feel what I did at the time that this was conceived
Well, the silence is pleasing, between our strained breathing, now it's over with
This is not what I intended

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