River City Rebels

Letra de la canción

what's in a dream when your life is over
what happens after that?
what's in a life when your dreams take over
and you can't get better than what you got?
when all the premonitions in the back of your head are in the forefront now
you just play dead
when all the apparitions of a broken past appear
you take what's left and you walk on home

i never had the things in life that make a man feel strong
only the possession of a passion for the song
once i give away my rock n' roll
i'll be spending day and night asking for another soul

[Repeat chorus]

i never thought that anyone could ever understand
only knew my salvation was playing in a band
once i give away my rock n' roll
i'll be crying day and night until my final fall

[Repeat chorus]

i traded everything the day the music died
now i'll do anything to get it back inside
i've lived a million different worlds away from here
now every song that's sung reminds me of that fear

[Repeat chorus]

i'm a rebel in this world of kings and queens
i've got my small town pride and my big city dreams
but as i'm looking out the window at the river city
i dont know what's to come
but it sure sounds pretty to me
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: vane/182 (#154)

River City Rebels
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