Master P

'Robbery' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco The Ghettos Tryin' To Kill Me! (1997).


Nigga we got three minutes to get in and out this motherfucker
And when you get in there don't act like no bitch (shot)
Freeze motherfucker, alright bitch strip get down (shot)
Nothing but assholes and elbows
Bitch come on you done do it

Gimme whatcha got and whatcha don't got you can keep
Its a motherfucking robbery nigga

Verse 1 (C-Murder)
Don't move or I'm a break you off somthing proper,
With this automatic motherfucking static stopper
Ain't gotta motherfuckin thing to live for
But somthin to kill for so get you ass on the floor
Gimme yo money 'for I act the donkey
Crooked eye with 12-gauge full of brass monkey
Nigga what you push the button for?
Rest in peace fool yo ass not a hero
I can't get paranoid cause now them feds up on me
I huddle up discuss some shit with my homies
We gotsta handle this shit like G's
Let me think for a second I gotsta get my respect Bitch!
Come here I snatch your motherfucking kid
I hope God forgive me for the shit that I did nigga

Verse 2 (C-Murder)
I got away and now I'm on the run
With my gun and this motherfucking bitch's son
Tryin to blend in with the ghetto children
My hideout is a fucked up abandoned building
I'm high as fuck but still I sport a beanie
To hide my face cause I'm killin any bitch that see me
My old lady keeps paging me tell me turn my self in
But that shit can't fade me
Cause with a hostage I gotta chance to get about the city
Where ever I go he goin with me
And still stickin to the G code
Another nigga in my shoes would of bitched that's a like a hoe
And can't wait till 11:30 I'm outie
But meanwhile I bout to get my fuckin nose dirty
And kid talkin bout he thristy save the drama
I catch myself day dreamin bout the bahammas
Lets go and keep your fuckin mouth shut
Walked out the door and it was all fucked up

(Chorus x4)
Damn this gangsta shit ain't what it all cracked up to be
Ya heard me?
Niggas dying trying to make a quick buck
Slanging dope
Pulling 211's
This shits serious dog
To all my young niggas out there
Think about what you do before you do it
Shit cause you might not come back home
Know what I'm sayin?
Just take it easy and shit
Check out what I'm saying
Feel me
That's all want
Just feel me

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