'Rooftops' de Silent Drive (Love is Worth It)


Silent Drive


Let's stay checked and watched the watchers watching us
And break necks for making this unbearable fun
Both feet stay glued so they will not shift
We both hate it, been instructed to leave
We won't see what we are both in for

We won't step back and see that things are fuc*** up,
Won't see our lives and see the lies that are loving us
Tell all your friends to tell you lies again
But don't leave first before they tell you how the story ends
Watch out so you don't get two black eyes
And tell your new lover that you ex-lover said hi
I know this shit's not televised
But I've got ten thousand on the guy with the failure sign

So I'll be here jumping rooftops with my friends
And laughing at ones that can't
Believe how things could be so alive

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