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Almost Punk Enough Letra y canción


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ALMOST PUNK ENOUGH es una canción de Slaptsticks.


'Almost Punk Enough'

yeah you're punk enough, well yeah that's good enough for me
the firesides all the way across town
If i didn't beg then i know you'd never come down
Little girl, sittin' at home
I guess I'll stay here cuz you know I'd rather hang around with you
Than practically anyone else
I fall into your arms and the show starts to fade away
None of those punk rock kids even know
Punk Rock Girl?

Don't have your nipples pierced
A Rancid raver's tee
Bright orange hair or cut off jeans
You're not as punk as the punk rock girls i've seen
But hey, your shit is punk enough
And yeah that's good enough for me

Went to Hoffman estates
You missed the show
I know you don't give a f*** about punk
So it means a lot that you even came out
To see bands that you couldnt give a shit about
Oh, he's gone now, we're only 2/3
We played this song way before it had any words
Even then I knew it would be about you