Canción 'Astaroth' del disco 'Finisterra' interpretada por Mago De Oz

en inglés

Mago De Oz

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ASTAROTH es una canción de Mago De Oz del año 2000, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Finisterra.

Astaroth (en inglés)

From the mists of time of your darkness, eh returned to find a gift
for humanidaaaad ...
And do not pronounce my name, but you know who I am, and you hate
your arrogance, nurtured soooy reflection.

Am the echo of your anger, queee mirror ..
your greed is reflected and gives me powerfully,
ME Through the lives,
they do not get to know,
where to find the exit opens the door of evil and bieeen

come to me and let me dwell in tii ...
I desire the darkness that is in tii ...
buy your dreams for your soul
Is your god as da?
I am
luuuuz bearer ...

Cover your cloak of light and my love
know the name says this pain
and the wind will take me a song
with an eternal fire to seal our our love.

Take my blood, mix it, drink it, burn it ... burned in the flame,
because only then you will love me
Do as I say that this is the law, I think experience, they do not
drink there, not there otherwise.

(Chorus 2 times)

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