The Busters

Letra de la canción

we did ska and bluebeat and you were going nuts
you might think ska music is everything we got
this goes out to funk and soul
hip-hop punk and socca
blue suede shoes and reggae roots
get down do the ska

folks you love to skank down that's OK
but don't forget there is lot's of styles today
we are just a nutty tribe
of one great musical nation
jazz and blues and rock and roll
they gave us inspiration

rude vibrations - get of your seat
rude vibrations - listen to the beat
rude vibrations - give yourself a treat
rude vibrations - move your skanking feet

pork pie hats and Doc Martens that's okay
we guess rude boy style is here to stay
and if your neighbour is a coloured guy
take things as they are
punks and dreads and teddy boys
dig this crazy ska
rude vibrations
rude vibrations

The Busters
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